I like to think that we all try to do our bit when it comes to recycling and the good news is that some brands not only recognise our efforts but also reward them too! To the best of my knowledge there are four brands that have in-store recycling incentives that all offer either a free product or in-store discount.

Probably the most known and therefore used recycling beauty programme is Back to MAC. In case you are not familiar with the concept, let me briefly explain. Back to MAC is as far as I know a world wide programme but the products you may receive for free do vary per location. To get a free MAC lipstick (in the US/Canada I believe you have the choice of either an eyeshadow or a lipstick?), you must return six empty but complete full sized products; they can be limited edition products and other than the wooden pencils pretty much everything counts – even empty packs of full sized face wipes. By \”complete products\” I simply mean that some stores will not accept de-potted eyeshadow/blush pots should they be missing the silver pan inside, I\’ve also had problems returning empty foundation/concealer bottles without the lids. Basically when it comes to MAC packaging hold on to it all, you really can\’t be too careful if your end goal is to get a free lipstick or two.

Do you like Lush Face Masks? Do you fancy being the proud owner of a free Lush Face Mask? Well much like above the process is actually fairly simple. Again you have to hoard those empties – five clean and black pots equates to a free full sized mask. There are of course certain specifications, for example they must be full sized which in this instance is really easy as just about every potted product the brand sell qualifies – masks, body moisturisers, scrubs and all that is in between. I should also mention that although not black in colour, the clear tubs the shower jellies come in count too. Any product within said recycling programme is clearly marked on the label with similar information to that I have provided, which makes it a lot easier to know what counts and what does not. I\’d also like to add that the Lush Oxford Street exclusive products also count and do not have to be returned to that store only – I return mine to my local branch in Glasgow with no problem what so ever.

& Other Stories
Admittedly not the best rewards system but as they say every little counts – return any empty & Other Stories beauty product and they will gift you with 10% off anything you purchase. As far as I am aware this does include clothing.

Along with the & Other Stories recycling programme I would say that the Kiehl\’s incentive is one of the lesser known. You may be pleased to know it is not only easy to participate but also generous in terms of rewards. Once more you do have to clutch onto those empty products; if you return three empty and full sized Kiehl\’s products, you can and will receive a free lip balm. It gets better though return five empties and you will be gifted with a free travel size product (2.5 oz.). If you are a huge Kiehl\’s fan with an enviable stash then you are in for a treat – return 10 empty items and you will be gifted with not only a free full-size product, plus the lip balm but also a travel size product!

I now have enough empty products for two Lush Face Masks and two MAC Lipsticks – decisions, decisions ! As a side note if you know of any other brands that provide a similar service please do let me know in the comments below!

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