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Because your skin is worthy of makeup that looks good and is good for you.

It\’s no secret that natural and clean beauty has blown up in recent years. Consumers care about non-toxic ingredients and are making a conscious effort to pay close attention to harmful chemicals commonly found in makeup products, like parabens, that could be wreaking havoc on their bodies. But let\’s be really really real: What does natural beauty even mean anymore? Increased demand for clean, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients has, sadly, caused brands to use suspicious marketing tactics, slapping \”natural\” and \”organic\” labels on their products without legimate certification which is problematic.

It also makes it difficult to decipher if \”natural\” makeup brands are being completely transparent when it comes to refraining from harsh chemicals and animal testing. This is why organizations like FETA leaping bunny are so important; both websites offer tools to search which brands are truly using organic, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced ingredients.

I have one more important thing to address before we move on: There\’s a huge misconceptual natural makeup product are incapable of delivering glamorous results. That might have been true, like, a decade ago, but today there are plenty of brands creating buildable, high-impact products that over-deliver in the shade department. natural makeup brands are on the rise, and here are my all-time favorites.