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Why Nicotine Free Signature e-liquid are better

Signature e-liquid contain nicotine from 0mg to 20 mg. The strength of nicotine varies from person to person. For instance, a person who smokes 12 to 18 cigarettes a day may require an e-liquid with a nicotine strength of 12 mg, whereas for a person who smokes 5 to 8 cigarettes a day, an e-liquid with 6mg of nicotine would work perfectly.

You may wonder, If people choose vapes to overcome their nicotine craving and abandon their smoking habits, then what’s the point of having nicotine-free vape juices? Why do people opt for nicotine-free e-liquids? How do nicotine-free e-liquids help them?. Nicotine free e-liquids are peculiarly designed for vapers who try to wean off smoking habits gradually.

Smokers who turn to vapes to get rid of their smoking habits opt for e-liquids that contain high-strength nicotine. They gradually decrease the levels of nicotine and eventually draw themselves to nicotine-free e-liquids. There are a number of benefits of having nicotine-free e-liquids, and a few of them are mentioned below:

What is in Nicotine-Free E-liquid?

Nicotine-free e-liquids are e-liquids that do not contain any amount of nicotine. 0mg nicotine e-liquids are the best option for anyone who wants to enjoy cloud and e-juice flavours without nicotine intake.

If you are the one who wants to wean off your nicotine intake habits, then nicotine-free e-liquids would work best for you. Since the nicotine-free e-liquids do not contain any nicotine, it would be easy for you to give up on nicotine gradually without abandoning vapes altogether.

Get Rid of Nicotine Permanently:

If you are a smoker who has just turned to using vapes to quit smoking, then you should opt for e-liquids that satisfy your nicotine craving. You can gradually cut down nicotine levels_ for instance as if you smoke 6 to 7 cigarettes a day, you can opt for e-liquids that contain 8mg of nicotine. You can then go down to 6 mg, then 3mg, and eventually 0mg.

Smooth Throat Hit:

If you are a beginner vaper, there is a possibility that you will get a harsh throat hit if you choose e-liquid with high nicotine strength. Disposable vapes contain e-liquids with high nicotine strength which can be overwhelming for new vapers.

E-liquids like Signature e-liquid and Dinner lady e-liquid in disposable vapes contain free-base nicotine, which gives the vaper a strong throat hit that simulates the sensation of cigarette smoking. These vapes effectively help people overcome their nicotine addiction. But it is still recommended for non-smokers not to choose high strength nicotine e-liquids as it might make them dizzy and unconscious.

Try Ambrosial Flavours Without Nicotine Addiction:

If you are someone,  who loves trying out different e-liquids flavours, then you should choose e-liquids that are nicotine-free. There are few e-liquid brands that give you eccentric e-liquid flavours without nicotine. It means you can enjoy vaping without inhaling nicotine.

Overcomes your Sugar Craving:

If your doctor has forbidden you from eating chocolates and you are a smoker then you have better option in the name of vapes. Vape is a better alternative to smoking and its sweet flavours will ultimately stop you from eating chocolates and other sweet stuff. While, trying nicotine-free Best e-liquid flavours is a far better option. These flavours will provide you with the satisfaction you want. There is a diverse range of e-liquid flavours from chocolate to ras berry; you can have any flavour of your choice.

Final Words:

Nicotine free e-liquids have a number of benefits. Anyone who wants to enjoy vaping without the intake of nicotine should give a try to nicotine-free e-liquids.

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